Welcome to Godfrey Bros. Meats


Remember the neighborhood market of your childhood?  The place where everyone knew your name, where special orders were never a problem and where you knew the food was fresh because you could see it being delivered every day?  Well, welcome back to the good old days!


Excellent, high quality beef and pork, deli meats, cheese, dairy products, snacks and more. Take advantage of our permanently low prices as well as our weekly specials. Come on down to the market, meet our friendly staff and see our fantastic line of products for yourself.


We look forward to your visit!


Godfrey Bros. staff




                     PLEASE READ...SCAM ALERT!

We have been made aware that someone is using our name to send out cashiers checks and a letter stating it is your "payment for your first assignment", with the assignment being to conduct a money transfer through Wal-Mart and rate their service after depositing the check into your bank account. THIS IS A SCAM AND NOT FROM US!!

If you receive such a letter and check in an envelope from "us", please report it immediately to the attorney general. Legal authorities have been notified on our end.

Please share!