This Week's Special Offers!

This is where we post our weekly specials.  These prices change every two weeks.  These prices are good through May 27, 2017.


Ground Beef

$   3.89 lb.

Ground Beef Patties  15 lb. box $ 58.00

$   3.99 lb.

Grill Franks                3 lb.      $   7.50

$   2.79 lb.

Jumbo Hotdogs          5 lb.      $ 12.95 $   2.99 lb.

Beef Hotdogs             6 lb.      $ 18.00 

$   3.59 lb.

Smoked Hotdogs                       $   4.99 lb.





                     PLEASE READ...SCAM ALERT!

We have been made aware that someone is using our name to send out cashiers checks and a letter stating it is your "payment for your first assignment", with the assignment being to conduct a money transfer through Wal-Mart and rate their service after depositing the check into your bank account. THIS IS A SCAM AND NOT FROM US!!

If you receive such a letter and check in an envelope from "us", please report it immediately to the attorney general. Legal authorities have been notified on our end.

Please share!